We put our heart and soul into our work.

A seasoned team of about ten people caters to your every wish at the Rubino. Host Beat Rubitschung directs his offer to people who enjoy consciously and place great emphasis on a sustainable way of life. Beat Rubitschung is what you would call a classic career changer. At the age of 50, he turned his back on the IT industry and started devoting himself to gastronomy. Wines of the most diverse origins are his passion. Having spent some time at the renowned Union Restaurant in Basel, the Rubino is Beat Rubitschungs second gastronomic venture.

Basel is situated at the Mediterranean.

The kitchen is directed by Manuela Buser. She was introduced to the secrets of fine cuisine at the Sternen Restaurant in Kriegstetten, at the Krone in Bätterkinden and by gourmet chef René Weder at the Sternen Restaurant in Walchwil. Having also worked at the Restaurant am Hübeli and at the Union, she was then attracted to the Rubino together with Beat Rubitschung. Her creative cuisine both features refined Mediterranean delicacies and hearty Swiss dishes.